Principal Message

Savar University College is a well reputed educational institution of Bangladesh. Within forty years of its establishment its unforgettable advancement and glorious position is enkindled with pride. The college started its academic activities in 1967 with only Intermediate class. Its upgradation up to Degree level in 1972 and its emergence as a University college in 1995 bears the testimony of the intentness and devotion of the college authority.
The Govt. of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh recognized Savar University College as the best college of Dhaka district for its quality education and well disciplined environment. At present the college offers the courses from Intermediate to Masters in Humanities, Business Study, Science and Social Science faculties.
The role of the teachers is very important in developing the standard of education. Considering the necessity of the matter, the college authority is very conscious about running the curriculum in co-ordination with the well qualified teachers. Their role in conducting the syllabus and curriculum is praise worthy.
The teachers are ever alert to ensure the programs of education of the students through tutorial, Semester, monthly, annual, pre-test and test examinations. For this the results of the different examinations are very satisfactory.
The aim of the college is not only to impart quality education to the students but also to help them in complete physical and mental development. With this end in view proper care is taken to make the students attentive to games and sports and different cultural activities and respectful to discipline of the college as well as of the state. The role of the Rover Scouts and Girls Guide in social service and in discipline is very glorious. The college is free from politics and smoking. The visits of renowned educationists to the college have enriched its glory in various ways. The visits paid by to this college include his excellence the President of the country, Heads of the Govt., high officials of the Ministry of Education, honourable Vice Chancellors and Pro-vice chancellors of different universities. The location of Savar University College is very charming. So, the role of the college in the field of higher education is very significant. The college is situated on the eastern bank of Bangshi river about half a kilometer west from the Savar Thana bus stand. Its palacious academic buildings, beautiful gate, well-built mosque, decorated library, seminar rooms and large green field are the objects of peerless beauty.
The united efforts and heart-felt co-operation of the authority, teachers, office staffs, students and the guardians to accelerate the all round development of college is undeniable. for this reason, it is expected that the students of this college must be very attentive to study, conscious of their rights and responsibilities and respectful to rules and discipline of the college.

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